Blanket Nominations

Start here to nominate the brave soul in your life for a special blanket. 


Make sure the person you are nominating meets ALL (3) of our required criteria to be eligible for a Brave Soul Blanket nomination.

  1. Have a medically diagnosed life-altering illness, a woman with risk pregnancy on bedrest or a parent with preemie in the NICU (e.g., cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, myasthenia gravis, cancer, cerebral palsy, etc.).

  2. Between the ages of 18-45 years old.

  3. Live in the United States or Canada.


Before Nominating:

  • Have ALL of the nominated individual’s detailed information. Blankets cannot be sent without an address and full (first and last) name – without this information the application will not be considered.

  • Be sure the nominated individual meets ALL THREE of the qualifying criteria listed.

  • Fill out the nomination form with the nominated individual’s details, not your own. Blankets will ONLY be sent directly to nominated individuals.

  • Provide your full (first and last) name.

  • Include the nominated individual’s social media information (Facebook or Instagram names) if available.

  • IMPORTANT: We will share minimal information (first name, age, diagnoses) on our "Sponsor a Brave Soul page.

Important Note: Due to the high number of nominations we receive daily, we cannot respond to each request. If your nomination has been accepted you will receive an email from one of our team members. If your nomination has denied, we will try to send an email to let you know; please keep in mind we cannot promise this for each form submitted. Please do not re-nominate if you do not hear from Brave Soul Blankets. 

Disclaimer:  We receive many nominations. Brave Soul Blankets reserves the right to not provide an explanation for denied nominations in our nonprofit blanket program. We have a limited amount of blankets sent out each month and try to send in an equal manner as much as possible.