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Can I apply for myself?

Yes, while we prefer nominations because we want to hear why someone believes another person should receive a blanket from us. We also have had individuals reach out to us with requests because they truly have no one to nominate them. Brave Soul Blankets wants to provide support during challenging times! If you're struggling and may benefit from a cozy blanket, reach out to us. We kindly ask that you not exaggerate your story for a simple blanket. We have hundreds on our waitlist!


What kind of blankets go to individuals accepted into the donation program?

Brave Soul Blankets sends out handmade personalized fleece blankets to those who are accepted as a recipient. These blankets are tailored to meet the person’s preferences, including favorite colors, patterns, and animals.

What size blankets do you send?

Each blanket we send out to nominated recipients may vary depending on the fabric being used. We aim for 2-yards in length, which is perfect for most adults, just long enough to keep them cozy without being too big. This can be compared to the size of a standard twin bed, or hospital bed. 


How much is it to fully sponsor a blanket?



Can I sponsor the person who I nominated?

Yes, we encourage it! But it is not required. It is 100% free to nominate an individual for a blanket or apply for yourself.

What do you mean by “handmade,” and why?

When we say “handmade” or “homemade” we mean something that is not commercially manufactured or purchased. These blankets are sewn on a home sewing machine one at a time, personalized to each recipient. We do not send out purchased, pre-made blankets to ensure each blanket is created from the heart with love. Many have stated their appreciation for their handmade blankets, loving that we took time to gift them a unique comfort item.


How many blankets are sent out each month?

Brave Soul Blankets aims to send out approximately 10-12 donation blankets each month, depending on financial support and resources. However, on occasion we have sent out up to 30 per month - surpassing our goals!


How can I help?

Spread the word, set your Amazon Smile to "Brave Soul Incorporated", make a financial donation, collect gift cards for us, set up a fabric drive, ask local companies for sponsorships.



How can I make a financial donation?

We have several ways you can donate, with the easiest and most popular being online via credit card. Visit our Donations page for more information.


How are monetary donations used by the organization?

There are many expenses involved in maintaining Brave Soul Blankets. Everyday expenses for our nonprofit organization include: fabric, thread, blanket labels, and other blanket-making supplies, ribbon, machine maintenance, office supplies, printing fees, shipping costs, website maintenance, and more.  

How do I set up a blanket drive?

Simply collect unused fleece fabric at least 2 ¼ yards in length (minimum length needed to make a Brave Soul Blanket). Materials must be new, unused, washable, and free of contaminants such as mold, mildew, and smoke. Suggestions for collection locations include schools, churches, Girl Scout clubs, etc. Donations are tax deductible! Once fabric is collected, send it to Brave Soul Blankets – contact us via email for shipping address and any questions.


Collect fleece fabrics including:

  • Anti-pill fleece

  • Blizzard fleece

  • Coral fleece

  • Cuddle fleece

  • Double-sided fleece

  • Micro-fleece

  • Plush fleece

  • Polar fleece

  • Ultra-fluffy fleece

Can I donate other supplies?

Yes, we also accept items such as thread and other sewing supplies, yarn, shipping supplies, office supplies, and gift cards (Joann Fabrics,,, Amazon,, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, etc.).

How can I purchase a blanket for myself?

Blankets are available for purchase on our Etsy Shop (link to Etsy shop) and this website (link to shopping page).  All proceeds provide funds to allow us to provide a much appreciated blanket of comfort.

What is a double gauze blanket?

Our signature double gauze (muslin) blanket is a light and airy blanket that keeps you warm year-round. Made from fabric commonly used for baby swaddling blankets. This blanket is known as the “blanket that keeps on giving”. It gets softer and softer with each washing! Many individuals who have sensory processing disorders, neuropathies, or heat intolerance find this blanket comforting. Available for purchase with all funds supporting donation blankets.


What kind of environment are the blankets made in?

Blankets are made in a clean, contaminant-free home. Blankets are washed in an unscented organic detergent prior to shipping and ready to use upon arrival.

Do you make custom order blankets for purchase?

Yes, contact us directly to set this up.

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