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4-6mm Lava Rock Turquoise Diffuser Bracelet, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Howlite, Beaded Bracelet


  • Handmade item
  • Bracelet length: 7 Inches
  • Adjustable: No
  • Gemstone: Turquoise
  • Recycled: No
  • Bead material: Brass, Gemstone
  • Made to order


*Lava Rock Diffuser Bracelets*

Handmade Lava Rock Diffuser Bracelet for essential oils/aromatherapy with natural stone healing properties. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the lava rock beads and enjoy the healing benefits of aromatherapy! 

To use, lay the bracelet flat and add a drop of your favorite essential oil or blend to one or two of the lava rock beads. Wait a minute or two for the oil to absorb before wearing. Apply 1-2 drops of essential oil to the lava beads. The scent will last a day, if not more. You can use any of your favorite essential oils. If the bracelet has more than 3 lava rocks, only apply oil to 2-3 of the beads. Do not submerge in water. 

Why Lava Rocks?
• *Lava Stone* is a natural porous rock, allowing the added ability to apply essential oils onto the beads for subtle aromatherapy and natural health benefits.
• With a strong connection to the earth, Lava Rock is known for its grounding properties. Due to its raw but grounding nature, it has an intensely calming quality which helps stabilize emotions. It gives us strength and courage, helping in times of stress and change. 

Stone Properties:
• *Turquoise* brings confidence, kindness, and protection. This stone assists in communicating the truth and articulating ones’ inner wisdom. It gently reduces anxiety, tension, and stress and naturally fights depression. Eliminate emotional pain with this beautiful healing stone while adding a confidence boost that will accent any outfit. 
• *Ivory Magnesite* aids in daily focus and meditation. Clear your brain, increase creativity, and boost self-vision and imagination through this relaxing stone. 

Size Information:
Your size is your exact wrist measurement plus 0.25”-0.5” for comfort. If you are buying for a gift, the average woman size is 6.5-7.5” and average men sizes are 7.5-8.5”. Average child size is 5-6”. Extra Small (6”), Small (6 ½”), Medium (7”), Large (7 ½”), Extra Large (8”). Beads are mounted on a sturdy plastic stretch cord, creating extra comfort and some leeway in sizing.

To prolong the life of your diffuser jewelry. To prevent excess stretching, wear and tear, we suggest rolling the bracelet down your hand onto your wrist. Use extra care while doing strenuous activities. *DO NOT SUBMERGE IN WATER* 

**Please note – bracelet does NOT come pre-infused with essential oils, nor is any essential oil provided with your order** 

Some suggestions for use include: 
• Bug Repellant: Lemongrass, Melaleuca, Lavender (combined)
• Calming: Lavender and/or Copaiba (combined or separate)
• Cholesterol: Lemongrass, Clove, Lemon, Frankincense, or Grapefruit (separate)
• Frankincense – calmness, grounding, radiant skin
• Invigorating: Peppermint, Lemon, Orange (combined or separate)
• Nausea: Peppermint, Ginger, or Lemon (combined or separate)
• Pain Relief: Panaway, Copaiba, Peppermint, or Rosemary (combined or separate)


All funds from bracelet sales will go towards our 501c(3) non-profit organization, Brave Soul Incorporated (Brave Soul Blankets), which provides blankets to adults with life-altering chronic illnesses. These funds help us to send blankets to those who are affected by sickness and need a boost of comfort from our cozy blankets!

For more information regarding our organization, please visit us on social media: 
• Instagram: @bravesoulblankets
• Facebook: Brave Soul Blankets

"Brave Soul Blankets - Comfort in a Snuggle"

4-6mm Lava Rock Turquoise

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