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Grey Tile - Fleece Blanket Blizzard Polar Single Layer


**Grey Tile**

Ultra soft handmade blanket with blizzard/polar fleece. Single layer fleece makes the blanket warm and cozy without becoming hot and too-heavy. Approximately 2-yards in length, but each blanket may vary slightly. Pre-washed with organic laundry detergent and ready to cuddle with upon shipping! Perfect for cold winter nights in front of the fireplace with hot cocoa, for summer nights camping, or when you need a little comfort during hospital stays. Just a few of many uses! 

Optional Personalization: Can be personalized with new trims, including colored pom poms. *IMPORTANT* To choose the pom poms, purchase the trim in the separate listing "Pom Pom Personalization", and mark in this blanket note to seller of which color pom pom you would like on your blanket. Please contact with any concerns. 

100% of profits from items sold in our Etsy shop go towards our 501c(3) non-profit organization, Brave Soul Blankets, which provides blankets to adults with life-altering chronic illnesses. These funds help us to send blankets to those who are affected by illness and find JOY & comfort in our cozy handmade blankets!

For more information regarding our organization, please visit us on social media: 
- Instagram: @bravesoulblankets
- Facebook: Brave Soul Blankets

“Brave Soul Blankets – Comfort in a Snuggle”

Grey Tile - Fleece Blanket Blizzard Polar Single Layer

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